Our Partners

PMC established partnerships with the most experienced companies in their field like machining, cotaing, painting, heat treatment, packing, NDT, marking and so on in Turkey. Most of the partners has more than 30 years of experience and they are mostly small companies with 10 - 30 employees. PMC aims to connects these companies and make them work like subsidiaries of a large company.

PMC contracts with the partners to ensure strong quality and protect customers' rights. Throughout the production line It inspects partners step by step and reports to the customer. 




Total Machines


Blue Collar


White Collar

12.5 Million $

Annual Turnover

25 Years

Average Experience 

 24 000 m


Total Facility Area

1 200 000

Annual Produced Parts

Our Partners;

  • Expert on high precision manufacturing

  • Experienced in Defense, Aviation and Automotive industries

  • Manufacturing according to International Standards

  • Diversity in machine pool (5, 4 & 3 axes CNC machines, Wire EDM and so on)

We as PMC;

  • aim to increase capacities of our partners through Europe and US market

  • NDAs signed with our all potential manufacturers

  • Protect our customers right without concession

  • Regular source inpection at facilities of the partner as a supervisory company to check the work done properly.




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