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Fixture Design and Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing ASFX, Component Jig, DRFX, LATO, MLFX, APFX, etc., regarding accessibility, weight, rigidity, and flexibility.

        Fixtures are custom-made work-holding and positioning devices used in many assembly and manufacturing operations to secure, support, and locate a workpiece. If we divide them into two categories, they are fixtures used for detailed part manufacturing as milling, measurement fixtures, or layup tools and fixtures used during assembly operations such as assembly fixtures, apply fixtures, or drill fixtures.

        Fixtures are created by combining fixture bodies, supports, locators, and clamps. Fixtures components come in a variety of options that designers choose between depending on the workpiece and operation.

        As Precision Machining Consultancy, we are also designing ground support equipment and test structures. Those specific designs may include electronic requirements as well as mechanical requirements. At this point, we take professional support from our business partners.

The main objectives we take into account when we start to design a project are as follows:

  • Cost-effective design

  • Ergonomy aspect

  • Lightweight design

  • Design for manufacturability

  • Flexible design


Assembly Sequence1_edited.jpg

Assembly Sequence

Definition of assembly sequence and accordingly defining its impact on the concept design.

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Locating & Clamping Principle

Defining the immobilization method of parts and components on the fixture 

Tolerance Distribution - Copy1.jpg

Tolerance Distribution

Understanding tolerance requirements of the fixture and implementing tolerances to the structre.

Design Engineer at Work on a Computer.jpg

Design Activities

Starting design activities on any CAD platform concerning design for manufacturability principle and weight concern.

Absolute laser tracker for dynamic measurements of large volumes with high speed.jpg

Manufacturing and Installation

All requirements are validated by quality control devices like Faro, CMM or Laser Tracker.


  • Extensive knowledge in design for manufacturability aspect.

  • In-depth knowledge of GD&T and ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO GPS.

  • Ability to define assembly sequence.

  • Lightweight and stiff design activities.

  • Designing structures regarding accessibility.

  • Executing foolproof design of jigs and fixtures that does not permit a tool or workpiece to be placed in any other way other than the intended one.

Project Gallery

Compression Test Fixture

Compression Test Fixture

Torsional Test Fixture

Torsional Test Fixture

Vibration Test Fixture

Vibration Test Fixture

Tensile Test Fixture

Tensile Test Fixture

Automation Project

Automation Project

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