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High-Quality Manufacturing in Turkey

Wall of ideas


It helps our clients better understand the workings of PMC

Laser Cutting


Our machines and quality control equipments are located here. They will give an idea to our potential clients about our abilities 

Fists in Solidarity


It's always better when we're together. Easy to manage whole manufacturing process.

Delivery Service


What we offer to our clients to satisfy their needs.

5 Axis Vertical Machining 

4 Axis Turning 

Wire EDM

Complying with tight tolerances

Sheet Metal Working

Laser Cutting,   Bending, Welding

Sanding, Marking, Punch 

Quenching and Tempering, Annealing, Case Hardening, Aging, Stress Relieving, Normalising, and so on

​Electroless Nickel Plating, Anodising, Passivation, Phosphate Coating, Cadmium Plating, and so on.


Surface Treatment, and

Heat Treatment quality

equipments are located:

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