Source Inspection

Production line of partner manufacturer will be inspected at regular intervals by a supervisor of PMC. Every inspection will be well documented and shared with the CLIENT. In addition to inspection reports, CMM and COC reports will be provided at the end of production line. 

High Quality and Cost-Efficient Manufacturing

PMC have established good strategic partnerships with many experienced manufacturers in OSTIM (Organized Industrial Region), Ankara.  They have the best German CNC milling machines, Swiss CNC lathes, German screw machines and Japanese high-precision testing equipment on the market. And as result of recent economic crisis in Turkey labor cost is one of the lowest with compared to the global market.  Opportunities in OSTIM are so promising and waiting for CLIENTS. PMC is ready to be an access point to all these opportunities in Turkey. 

On-Time Delivery 

From beginning of the production line until delivery arrives to the customer, all supply chain process will be scheduled not just manufacturing process. And it will be managed according to the schedule day by day. 

7/24 Client Support

The simple fact of the matter is that no business can survive if the customers aren’t its top priority.  That’s why, PMC is always glad to answer CLIENTS requests as soon as possible via e-mails, skype calls etc.