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Bidding Phase  

After the first meeting, the RFI form is submitted to the client. If we are qualified for the work package, NDA is signed mutually.

When the work package is shared with us, we begin to evaluate the requirements. Then we analyze the work package in detailed and perform cost analysis.

RFQ form will be submitted to the customer subsequently. After we are awarded the contract we distribute the work package to our partners.

  • Raw material supply and inspection (Origin, allowable, L-Lt-St directions, etc.)

  • Heat TreatmentCoating, painting, NDT, Marking, Sanding, etc.

  • Sample manufacturing

  • Quality Control (Dimensions, coating thickness, color, hardness, sharp edge, roughness and so on)

  • Premeasurements and FAI if desired

  • Machining & Measurments

  • Providing RFI form and PMC catalog

  • Evaluating the work package

  • Assign the work package to suitable partners

  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) are signed mutually

  • Preparing and submitting RFQ/RFP form to the client















  • Shipment of the products.

  • Packaging

  • Compiling reports and submitting the final report

Production Phase

  Firstly, raw material is procured from the supplier predefined on the bidding phase and it is inspected regarding its origin, allowable, directions(L, Lt, St), and visual. Next CAM operation is performed and a sample is produced using a CNC machine. Then all GD&T requirements are validated with CMM. If FAI is requested from the client, other requirements such as painting, coating marking, etc. are fulfilled and the sample is shipped to the client.

  After that serial production takes place, all the parts are machined and semifinished products are inspected with CMM, gauges, templates, and so on. Such operations as heat treatment, annealing, and stress relief are applied during the machining phase according to the part requirement. Later on, NDT, sanding, painting, coating, marking, etc. operations are performed. Quality requirements are inspected and reported after each operation.

Delivery Phase

Machined products are packaged according to client requirements or international packaging standards(i.e. MIL-STD-2073). And the package is tagged as how the client desires. RFID tagging may be also applied if it is requested by the client.

All inspection reports, raw material certificates, and measurements throughout the production line are complied with and turned into a final report. Then it is submitted to the client as a hard copy and a soft copy.

After all, products are shipped to the client according to one of the incoterms(FOB, DDP, DAP, etc.) which are determined at the bidding phase.

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